Murder of Ignorance

Very quickly we learned about Jordan. We learned he was a straight A student and a talented athlete. People can’t really tear that down–but what if he struggled in school? What if he was barely passing his classes and wasn’t involved in any extra-curricular activities? Why the hell does that matter? He was in a car with his brother and friends leaving a party. He was shot dead. He was never a threat. No matter his grades or his activities, he was never a threat.

Enneagram: Discovery & Confusion

I tend to second guess myself and at times I can seem like a walking contradiction. To really know your number there are wings and stacks and all kinds of layers that can make you completely different than the person next to you who embodies the same base number.

We Marched for All Life

We want our sons and daughters safe from an unjust war and if they do need to serve they are being treated well; we need good paying jobs to raise our families–the economy is important to us; we do not want families ripped apart and kids placed into a foster system while their parents are deported, and we want our police officers protected and trained and valued along with our children being protected and valued, particularly our sons. All of these issues are important to us.

Work in Progress: Why I March

I will march so that I don’t have to tell my sons that while I was against the discrimination toward our neighbors, I did nothing to take a stand. And I will march to show them that they are being raised to respect others and never think they have control or power over anyone’s body but their own.