Embrace, Don’t Push Away, Feminism

Why would one be against something that is based on the belief that women should have equal rights as the man standing next to them? When I was in college one of my professors asked the class to raise their hand if you were a feminist. Two people raised their hand. Then he asked the class to raise your hand if you believe men and women should have equal rights. Almost everyone raised their hand. And then he said, “congratulations, you’re all feminists.” Feminism is simply wanting men and women to be treated equal. It’s about giving the woman the choice between staying home, working from home, or having a high demand career with very little time/desire to cook or clean or cater to her husband (or whomever) and their children. It’s about choice; because women were not always given that choice.

Knowledge is power. Ignorance is only bliss for yourself while everyone around you suffers. I recently found a Facebook page titled, Women Against Feminism. In this anti-feminist page the description states: Women’s voices against modern feminism and its toxic culture. We’re judging feminism by its actions, not by dictionary definitions. So, right away, it lets you know they’re not against feminism by what feminism actually is. They’re against it by what it’s perceived to be by others.  Again, making assumptions without any fact base. It kills me. Feminism is not anti-men or anti-woman. Feminism is not placing a woman’s worth above a man’s worth–it’s about placing them side by side on an equal playing field. Feminism doesn’t tell you that you cannot be a stay-at-home mom, it gives you the choice to do something else if that’s what you want. I’m a stay-at-home mom. I chose that. I’m a feminist. I don’t feel like I’m being ridiculed when a woman chooses to advance her career while raising her kids. I don’t think I’m being put down when another woman chooses not to be a mother. That doesn’t make her “more feminist.” It makes her a different person than me, simple as that. More power to her.

And we know that men have problems too. Feminism focuses on women because they have historically been overlooked. Saying you’re not a feminist because men are sexually assaulted too is like holding up an “all lives matter” sign at a Black Lives Matter rally. We get it. Feminists know that men and women should be treated equal. Black Lives Matter supporters know that all races, ethnicities, and sexes should be treated equal. But, unfortunately, that’s not how it’s played out in court rulings and employment pay structures and simple day-to-day encounters so every now and then we feel the need to shout a little louder. And with the way our government head is forming you may be hearing a lot more of these shouts. We’ve got white nationalist enablers filling the White House and Betsy DeVos in charge of education. Do you think that because she’s a women feminists are going to love her? No. Betsy is going to dismantle public education and leave us with even more ignorant voters than we had before. But, hey, maybe that’s the goal of this Trump administration.

I heard so many say that Hillary Clinton is the dream of feminist voters. While we would love to have a woman as president one day, Hillary Clinton was our choice because she was the most qualified candidate to ever run for presidency. The fact that she was a woman was a bonus for us rather than a disqualification. And in addition to that, her opponent was Donald Trump who embodies what rape culture in America  actually is. I can almost guarantee Brock Turner’s dad who equated his son raping a girl to 20 minutes of action voted for Donald Trump. No question in my mind. And it’s because of men like Donald Trump and Steph Bannon (who believes woman should have a cap on how much education they receive in the math and sciences) and parents who say “boys will be boys” and people who voted against Hillary Clinton because “she was standing up there like a smug bitch” or women who brag about voting for Trump because they think it makes them cool to go against the desire for women to have equal treatment that we need feminism (and solid education) today.

Modern feminism is the same type of feminism as the suffragette movement in the early 20th century. They didn’t think men should not be allowed to vote, but they believed women should also be allowed to vote. And here we are closing 2016 still having to let people know that while our bodies are beautiful and able to create new life, we also have talent and brains and the ability to make decisions for ourselves and our bodies without men telling us what is allowed and what is not. Since that fight is still happening today, we do need feminism. It is not radical. It is not dirty. It’s about equality. You do not have to be a woman to believe men and women should have equal rights. Therefore, you do not have to be a woman to be a feminist. Equality all around.


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