On my Tenth: Why I Write

It’s been a passion of mine that I’ve neglected far too long. To have the ability to take everything that’s jumbled up inside you and unleash it into the written word is a blessing. And it’s no surprise that by the time I finally got my butt into gear and started writing again was also during the 2016 election. Interestingly enough I didn’t intend to write about politics when I designed this. I was planning on writing about whatever was on my mind that day while leaving behind my worries and concerns. But if you’re someone who actually pays attention to news, politics, bullshit media sources, and what’s happening in the world as well as the community that surrounds you, then it’s impossible to write what’s on your mind without getting political.

If you followed along with me at all, it is no secret who I wanted to win this election. I am still utterly disappointed that Donald Trump will be our next president. I don’t think it’s normal to accept what he represents as the face of our country. And it’s not a matter of republican or democrat. It’s not about pro-choice vs pro-life, gun control vs gun free-for-all. In this instance a small majority of Americans lived in all the right states to elect a man who ran a campaign based solely on hate. And a large majority of Americans didn’t care enough to actually vote. While Clinton won the popular vote by millions and counting, it still doesn’t change our outcome. Donald has named a white-nationalist as his chief strategist. The result of Trump becoming president is a result of hate and apathy. You either hated Clinton so much that Donald’s misogyny, antisemitism, stereotyping of blacks and muslims and Mexicans didn’t matter to you or you voted for him because you actually agreed with him. I can’t believe that you voted for him based on the policies that he put forth because he didn’t put very many policies forward. Healthcare is definitely something everyone worries about. I know that he promised to repeal and replace Obamacare with a new healthcare care program, but the biggest change is actually just the name. His biggest move when it comes to healthcare is that he’s planning on taking President Obama’s name off of it. And if that is all you wanted anyway, then, again, you voted based on hate. And not everything is a black and white issue, I understand that. Just because you voted for someone who exemplifies everything we teach our children not to be, doesn’t mean that you agree with them. That’s true. Although it does mean that none of that matters to you. It doesn’t matter to you how our president-elect objectifies women and stereotypes all minorities and promised to deport muslims and Mexicans because you believe that won’t affect you. In my last post I spoke about people who say nothing when friends and family are in abusive relationships. When you say nothing you are actually saying a whole lot. You are saying that while I wouldn’t say or do those things personally, it’s totally fine if someone else says or does them.

We’re all familiar with the Desmond Tutu quote, “When you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” But I’d like to add in the other half of that saying that people tend to neglect which is “If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.” Putting that into perspective with today’s climate I’d like to point out that no one is going to give you a pat on the back for voting 3rd party because you “just couldn’t choose,” and no one is giving you a pass because you didn’t care enough to vote. And while you may not consider yourself a misogynist or racist or anti-equal rights for all Americans, your actions have shown that those factors don’t mean enough to you to stand against them. There were slave owners that were friendly with their slaves. Did they not still view blacks as commodities? There are men who swear they love the wife that they abuse, do they not also view them as objects and possessions? In all cases is there not a firm case of superiority rather than a step toward equality? The people who are marching and protesting right now are not doing it because they cannot accept a Republican as president. They are doing it because their actual life or the lives of those they love have literally been threatened by the man who is now our president-elect. He made campaign promises based on punishing certain groups of people. And it’s not being whiny to point that out, that’s not propaganda. That’s reiterating the actual statements made by Trump and his campaign staff.

But the question is: WHY? Why do so many people remain silent when witnessing injustices? Why do so many people turn the other cheek and feel it doesn’t concern them anyway? It is not hard to notice the differences between everyone, but why is it so hard to just recognize we should all be treated with respect. All men. All women. All races and ethnicities. Everyone. We all get so comfortable in our little bubbles that we never make an effort to understand other religions and cultures. The apathy of everyone, equally, is what led us to the state of affairs that’s currently taking place. It’s easy to say it was non-voters, 3rd party, and Trump supporters who brought us here, but Clinton supporters almost outnumber everyone else that actually voted and, yet, we didn’t talk to our neighbors. We all need to get together and figure this out because the hate and division promoted by Donald and his staff cannot be the way our country carries on.

Figuring out how to make sense in all of this gray area, why some people lean this way and others lean that way is another reason I write. I want to release what’s inside me, connect with others, and learn from viewpoints I may not have considered. It’s incredibly cathartic and also eye-opening. I write to learn. I never really know what words will transpire until after I’ve completed a post. And then I just do a quick spell check and submit the damn thing. If I spend time wondering how this will come across to everyone else then I lose my catharsis and I lose my authenticity. This is my tenth blog post. I’ve written one a week since I created this little blog and it’s helped me in more ways than I imagined. I’m not stopping now.


Image taken by Wikiart, original by Pablo Picasso 


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