If Donald Trump Wins

I hope he proves me wrong. I am not a Trump supporter, but if I hear that he has been voted the next president of the United States I will accept the election results. I will not riot. I won’t call for violence or some sort of anarchy. I will not declare the election is rigged. I will hope the congress was turned blue at the very least, but I won’t move out of the country either way.

I’ll definitely hope he doesn’t truly disrespect women in the manner that he’s shown over and over and over again. I’ll hope for the sake of the world that the behavior he’s displayed and the discrimination and hate messages that he’s spewed are not really who he is. I’ll hope that he actually does help the American people prosper more today and tomorrow than they were yesterday (no matter their race, ethnicity, sex, gender, size). And then I’ll be disappointed that if he doesn’t truly disrespect women or believe in the discrimination displayed than it was an act he carried on to appeal to the bulk of the American people. And it worked. That a hate-filled campaign with divisive rhetoric, from a man who has a trial start date for fraud in late November and a status conference in December for a rape lawsuit is who the American people chose as their leader. As the leader of the free world. As the commander-in-chief.

If Donald Trump wins, I’ll be disappointed that although he’s shown us that he’s beyond stubborn with impulsive tendencies and cannot handle being questioned under pressure, he was the choice for our country’s leader. The man who has absolutely no experience in politics or public policy and is simply unfit to be president was the majority winner against a woman with a vast amount of experience and the ability to focus when asked questions under pressure and the ability to handle the position whether you agree with her policies or not. He was not a politician, but he is a billionaire business man who believes he’s entitled to anything he wants and can pick and choose who gets to move forward or gets pushed back in life. People always say, “I hate lawyers,” but we sure do need them. And just as we need them, we need people who have been involved with the inner workings of government policy to understand how to carry out public policy. It’s disheartening that people ignore that simple logic and decide to, instead, focus on their hate for the other candidate.

You are not voting for your friend. He is not like you. I hope you are not like him. It’s similar to when a girl breaks up with the popular guy in high school because he treated her like utter garbage and everyone is upset over it. She loses a majority of her “friends.” It makes no sense. Why would you want to choose to be tied to someone that’s constantly putting you down? That has repeatedly called you stupid? Because he’s looked at as the “fun guy?” You would rather your friend stay in an unhealthy relationship because it’s entertaining? No. Logic will not allow that. So if Donald Trump wins I’ll feel sick about the choice my fellow Americans made for our country. I’ll be distraught about how logic was behind a thick blindfold and negative emotions ruled.

But each day I’ll continue to hope that I’m wrong about all of this. That somehow the man who has praised foreign leaders while putting down American presidents and generals and veterans can keep our country safe and secure. I’ll hope that the man who has belittled our neighboring countries as well as our allies will have support in the event that our country’s safety and security is at high risk–is being targeted. And in the event that my frail optimism falls flat and he is, indeed, the man he’s shown us to be, I’ll hope that it’ll be acknowledged and he’ll be impeached within the first half of his term. And then I’ll hope again that we can come back with a vengeance and take back the house from Pence. I’ll hope that we do not become another majority rule for a man who wants to take us back and overturn marriage equality. And then, after all of that, we can take our pride in our country that is made up of diversity and focus again on unity. I’ll hope that we can focus again on being stronger together. We will always be better standing together and united than we ever will be divided.

And if Donald Trump wins (or loses), I’ll continue to work through all that’s been revealed in this muddy election year. I will learn to cope with knowing that family and some I considered friends believe in and support all that this man stands for. This isn’t about whether you’re a republican or a democrat. This about whether you believe in unity or division. This is about whether you believe in the better good for all of our law-abiding citizens, or only the ones you personally agree with.

It is not about the white vote/the women vote/the black vote/the minority vote, it’s about our vote: the American vote. If Donald Trump wins, he represents all of us.



image taken from National Review


4 thoughts on “If Donald Trump Wins

  1. Your arguments are cogent and eloquent. However, u praised Hillary for being an insider – it’s the very reason that many are voting for Trump. Many of us don’t care whether he is someone we would want our daughters to marry. We want someone who will go in and clean house.
    What made Winston Churchill a great wartime leader also made him a terrible peacetime leader. He was bombastic, stubborn and autocratic. Sound familiar? We are at war domestically. We don’t need someone who will compromise or be politically correct.
    Both candidates are dishonest. The difference for me is that Hillary lied as an agent of our government. Donald has not had that opportunity – if he does do that as president then they are no different
    Trump wants everyone to have the opportunity to become equal. Hillary wants the government to make everyone equal whether they work for it or not. Karl Marx, Alduous Huxley, George Orwell and Kurt Vonnegut have all written extensively about either what should happen (Marx) or what does happen (the rest)
    Like you, I will accept the outcome of the election regardless, and, like you, I pray that the congress is run by the opposite party. Let’s blog again on Nov 9


    1. Trump is no Churchill. Churchill was a good wartime leader because he actually had experience in war. And many of his accomplishments happened after he switched to being a liberal. That’s probably the nicest comparison anyone has ever made for Trump. But it does remind me to watch the Winston Churchill doc on Netflix. I’m hoping voter turn out will help clean the house out but we will see.


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