Evil vs Evil or Low Bar vs High Bar

Ahh, election year. Nothing can empower me and drain me more within minutes from each other. And if you’re like me and feel free reign to express where you stand on candidate choice, you know you’re a bigger target for people to try to bring you down. I’m all about hearing other people’s opinions, but there’s only so much utter bullshit I can take before I lose my cool. I’ve switched back to my black coffee over my green tea every morning because at all times of the day I’m getting a text, a call, an email, a fb post or message that will either irritate or excite me. I grew up with a pretty conservative family and never quite fit in to that realm, so this isn’t anything new to me. But it doesn’t make the frustration any less real. When I hear all this talk about how Hillary is just as bad as Trump, or Trump is the “lesser evil” of the two, or people are voting for Stein because she’s most like Bernie (not like him), or voting for Johnson because he isn’t run by an establishment (Who is Aleppo?), it sends my memories flailing back to when I was a little girl and listened to Rush Limbaugh with my grandparents. It makes me cringe that there was a time in my life when I listened to that hot head on the regular and thought he was so smart. And then I remember that at least I was about 8 years old when that happened and not 18 or 28 or 38, and so on. I don’t know if that’s still the talk radio of choice amongst members of my family and I hope I never have to find out first hand.
But I will say this, the republican party 15 years ago is not the same as it is today. They no longer represent family values, which is apparent as their presidential nominee is on his third marriage with an uneasy infatuation with his daughter. Right now their majority has turned into conspiracy theorists who actually believe Obama and Hillary Clinton are demons. They let the NRA control them, which is a group out solely for their own gains while literally living off the tragedies and deaths of others. They’re a group that promotes the purchase of high capacity rifles after a mass shooting of children rather than promoting gun safety and maybe a common sense course at the very least. They are a group so convincing to their followers that they have them believing (still!) that Obama is going to take away all the guns (hasn’t happened, never was) and once he’s out Hillary will come and finish the job for him (still wont happen). Hillary wants to eliminate the gun show loop-hole, not the ownership of guns, and she wants to make sure people on the terrorist watch list are unable to purchase a firearm. Is that really too much to ask? And then we go away from the NRA and we have Donald Trump. We have the supporters of Trump that will believe anything he says and support him no matter what he does. He has no viable policy laid out–who cares. He has no respect for any group of Americans, except maybe the wealthy elite–who cares. The man who caters to all these people who love our country so much says at least once in every debate that Americans are stupid–yeah, they are stupid (what? but that’s you?). He has a long history of bankruptcies and cheating people out of money–who cares, he’ll fix our budget. We all know what’s now being referred to as “Pussygate” and the foul behavior he admitted to and bragged about to Billy Bush. That wasn’t just talk. Those are not just words. That’s exactly who he is but we already knew that. And we already knew that he would try to pivot the attention away from him and on to Bill Clinton and that he did. So, thank you, Donald Trump, for pointing out yet again that not only are you an ass but that Hillary Clinton has been wronged in more ways than many of us care to remember. Yes, no one doubts that Hillary’s husband is a bit of a sleaze. Everyone has asked the question at some point as to why she stayed with him through all these years. And that always brings me back to those Conservative family values the Republicans once represented. Respect marriage and your vow to God, right? If Hillary would have left him people would be picking her apart for that. There is no lesser of two evils right now. There’s Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (spoiler alert: Bill Clinton and Melania Trump are not running for president).
We allow all of these flops from Trump and excuse it as he’s “just like us” (psst… he’s not), but we demand absolute perfection out of Hillary. Perfection. Poor lifestyle choices and behaviors aside, what has Donald done in his lifetime that shows that he is the man who will put the country’s needs before his own and make this country “great again”? I’ve been asked by several men, and a few women, how Hillary can be looked at as inspiring to women since she’s stayed with Bill. (And, side note, I never once said that I am voting for her because she represents women, although she is indeed that.) But besides the fact that her husband made  marriage and moral mistakes in which he was impeached, Hillary has made quite a few accomplishments. You can simply look them up on the internet and they are there, but here are a few that I feel are rather important: she co-founded Arkansas Advocates for children and family, she was twice named by The National Law Journal as one of the 100 Most Influential Lawyers in America, she created Arkansas Home Instruction program for Preschool Youth, she promoted nationwide immunization against childhood illnesses (thank you), she was a leading role in investigating the health issues faced by 9/11 responders, and I could go on and on and on. Along with all of those successes were many more that she was the first woman to accomplish. She has a proven history of caring for our children and caring for the healthcare of our citizens. That’s a fact. Donald Trump doesn’t even come close to accomplishing any of those things and I believe it’s safe to say that he doesn’t even know how to accomplish any of it. That’s not his area of expertise. While more golf courses and casinos would be fun, that’s not what we need right now. So the lesser of two evils debate needs to stop.
Oh, shit… those pesky emails. Millions of our tax dollars were already spent on this hunt to see if we could send Clinton to jail for using a personal email and deleting a chunk of those said emails, and (unfortunately) for those running the Hillary for Prison campaign, that investigation ended up with no crime being committed. Was it the best choice for her? Nope. And she admits that at every single debate. And then people say that Americans were killed in Benghazi because of Hillary Clinton. This is a tricky one depending on where you stand and it’s a sensitive issue because, yes, Americans were killed. She was in charge of reopening that embassy but the terrorists who killed our soldiers are who is responsible for their deaths. She cannot be in every single spot at every single minute. But due to the extremity of that attack and the missed phone calls leading up to it, I can guarantee she will never forget it. That will be one big mistake that Hillary made that she will never forget and she will learn from. If there’s anything that her history shows us, it is that she genuinely cares about the lives of others. She genuinely cares about the health and safety of all our citizens at home and abroad. Benghazi will haunt her. She will make sure that whomever becomes Secretary of State under her leadership takes all the extra precautions that she has gone over and over and over again in her own mind to make sure that it is not a mistake repeated. But just so we all are clear, there were actually fewer embassy attacks under her time as Sec of State than there were under the Bush administration when 87 people died.
So I will be casting my vote not for the lesser of two evils, but for the candidate that has a proven track record for fighting for our citizens as well as the ability to think before she speaks even when under pressure. The candidate who is not perfect, but continues fighting everyday to continue to make our country great–not dismantle it. I will not be voting for the candidate that has zero experience in any sort of government policy as well as the inability to think before he speaks, especially under pressure. The candidate that wants to send us backwards and not forward. So those who want to keep arguing with me about why Donald Trump would make a better president than Hillary Clinton: Your excuses have no logic and I respectfully, whole-heartedly disagree with you.

5 thoughts on “Evil vs Evil or Low Bar vs High Bar

  1. Well the one positive about this election is that it has the country’s attention. It has the world’s attention. I am expecting people to go out like never before and exercise their right to vote, wether in person or by mail. Maybe there is a method to all this madness? I pray (daily) this election is decided by our Creator (that one atom) and I have faith that the candidate that wins is a pawn in some greater plan now unfolding. Mystical? Yes I remember you told me when I was old you were going to find some hippie commune to retire me on because of my belief in a power greater than us ( I’m going to hold you to that) But i still have that belief, and I know He’s got this. So accept the outcome. Vote your conscience, then sit back and watch the miracles happen. Albert Einstein once said (for those of you more scientific minded) that there are only two ways to look at this world- 1. That nothing is a miracle- or 2. That everything is a miracle. I chose the later long ago. And I like it here.


    1. “When you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.” -Buddha

      I’m not a Buddhist but I try to keep that quote in mind as much as possible. No matter who wins I think it’ll cause a reform in the way we choose who becomes president. And I hope it opens the door to third party candidates being included in the debates.


      1. Yay Jane Levine! When I saw your blog initially I hadn’t seen any of the posts. However, it appears that the blog is not truly a blog about getting through daily blunders. It is a left leaning political ad for the Clinton campaign. However…

        Hillary is basically a socialist that was pushed further to the left by the Trotskyites that were supporting Sanders. Her original attempt at Healthcare reform was nothing more than a single payor system – socialism. She wants to destroy wealth by markedly altering the tax code – socialism. She failed to heed the warnings of the military and let the embassy employees in Libya be slaughtered – poor judgement at best. Treason at worst. She has lied to the American people on numerous occasions – see email scandal. See Whitewater and death of Vincent Foster. Lying has gone on for years. Finally, Clinton Foundation exchanged monetary gifts for access. Again poor judgement bordering on treason.

        I’m not a huge Trump fan but I think he is an equal alternative to Hillary

        I agree that we need more exposure to third party candidates


      2. It does lean left and I revealed that in my “about me” section. Right now, the election is a daily blunder in my life because I live in the south and come from a dominantly conservative family. Hillary was pushed more to the left from Bernie Sanders supporters but most ppl call him the socialist so that’s an interesting statement. And no candidate is perfect. Hillary is politically flawed which is something you would expect since she’s been in politics and public service for over 30years. Because of that alone Trump is not even close to being an equal candidate to Clinton. At best, he’s the symbol for the fall of the Republican Party. He has spent a lifetime of putting himself before others and belittling everyone he doesn’t agree with–and that’s fine, he is who he is. But he shouldn’t be our president.


  2. And there are the two sides. I’m very curious to see who wins this. Does America say we like it the way it is- or are we having a rebellion? But really Katie is right if we are having a rebellion it’s not the ghandi kind- it’s the Castro kind!

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