Wake up! Save Our Grace

If I’ve been too subtle in the past I’d like to officially go on record that I 100% believe Donald Trump cannot and should not be our next president. Not only is he skipping so many steps in becoming president (hey, try to get elected governor first at least) along with the fact that he has no clue how the hell government works (other than how to get away with not paying your fair share in taxes), the man is simply not acceptable to be the figure-head of our country. He cannot be the image that we put forth as the United States of America. He is vile. He is that creeper in college who was always an extra close talker and conveniently could never walk next to you without “accidentally” groping some part of your body. “Damn, girl, chill out. I was just walking by.” Similar to: “I’m sorry if anyone was offended.” We all know that guy. No apology for their actual actions, just sorry for you because you didn’t find the humor in sexual harassment (you uptight bitch, you). He is the grandfather of all the Brock Turners in the world. The guys who scathe through life objectifying women and feeling entitled to anyone in the room no matter how that person feels about it. He is not the person we should be hoping becomes president for the sake of our children or our grandchildren or our mothers or sisters or neighbors or even our brothers and ourselves. To excuse his ongoing behavior as normal is not only dangerous and insulting to women, it should be seen as a massive slap in the face to men. There’s “locker room banter” and then there’s revealing that you walk up to women and grab them right in the “pussy” (his term, not mine).  Not all men go around bragging about sexual assault. And not all men are completely oblivious to what sexual assault actually is. But with Trump put as president, which is a position that serves as a role model to children all across the world, how can we be so surprised if more and more of this behavior is excused? And I understand that a lot of people support Trump simply because he is not Hillary. They would rather hold on to the mistakes made by Hillary than make Trump take on any responsibility for his ongoing lifestyle that has always put his own needs above anyone else’s. There is a difference between a person who has made mistakes, met consequences for those mistakes, addressed the american people for those mistakes, apologized and gave a plan of how they can do better and a person who consistently berates and puts down anyone that is not just like them and have the closest thing to an apology out of their mouth be “I’m sorry if anyone was offended.” Give me a break.
I have attempted a few drafts where I try to reason with Trump supporters’ logic and why they are still, after everything that is known about him, planning on voting for Trump. But there is no way of truly understanding that because I care about others and I care about what’s represented by our country. Our brains must be wired differently. No one is perfect, I’ll give you that. But when you have a lifestyle of taking advantage of vulnerable people, a history of degrading women, a history of multiple bankruptcies, an ongoing history of not paying taxes, a history of cheating on wives, and a known reputation for arrogance and bullying and having a hot temper and acting on impulse–how can you stand behind that and truly believe this is what our country needs? Speaking in politically correct terms is just simply thinking before you speak. It’s not a flaw to think of others before you open your mouth, especially when you’re speaking to the entire country. And maybe even to the entire world. (One made up by diversity.) If you like him because you feel he “tells it like it is,” then we have different views of how the world is and that’s still not a good enough reason to vote him as our president.  And Trump likes to always shift the attention of his indiscretions to that of former president Bill Clinton (which I’m sure will come up in Sunday night’s debate while we, yet again, stray from talking about the actual important matters at hand), Bill Clinton was impeached for his behavior. Does Mr. Trump think his behavior is excused because a past president who was impeached for acting similar did it too? And do we really believe that because he constantly says things alluding to that, that once he’s in the white house he will actually become a better man? He will be a stand up guy? Hillary will not take your guns. Just calm down on that. She will not leave you “unprotected” in your home while all the bad guys come and rob you and possibly kill you. That commercial funded by the NRA is such bullshit. Now she may make it harder for you to own a gun if you’re convicted of a felony and/or on the terrorist watch list. Sorry, folks, but if those two things effect you when it comes to gun ownership then I really don’t care what your stance is on common sense gun laws. So what is it? Do you really want to get a guy in the white house who will undoubtedly be impeached so that Pence can ride out the four years?
This audio tape that was just released–did you really need to hear a recording of that to know this is who you have representing you? He is not anyone I would want representing any sort of free world. And while I’m totally disgusted in all that is Donald Trump, the huge problem lies in all those who excuse his behavior and do not believe his words and actions do really matter. I mean he wants to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it while also refusing access to Syrian refugees–screw the rest! And the people who excuse his behavior do not do it silently but they try to put the blame on the women he has victimized. “So what he called a woman fat! She ballooned up to ‘170’ and had sex under the sheets on a reality show. What a despicable whore!” “So what he ‘pinned her against the wall and started kissing her’ she still took the job, didn’t she” Victim blaming at its finest. I have to think that the men, and unfortunately the women, who have defended him like this are also the ones who ask what the girl was wearing, how much did she drink, and was she flirting after she comes forward about being raped or sexually assaulted. It’s not the man’s fault for being a chauvinist, it’s the women’s fault for looking a certain way/walking a certain way/smiling or not smiling a certain way. Yes, yes. Sign me up for more of that please. Let me figure out a way to explain this to our children. Let me figure out a way to explain this to myself.
And I completely understand that people feel just as strongly about Hillary Clinton not becoming president. I may not agree but you’re entitled to your opinion. But just because you don’t want her does not mean that you have to support him. Vote third-party, if you must. Let’s deny climate change like we deny Trump is unqualified to be president.  Or demand he drop out of the race. It’s really the only chance you have. I dont agree with Mike Pence on policies, but I do belive that four years of him will do this country a lot better than four years of Trump.
We have another debate tomorrow where Trump will be in damage control and will start trying to tear apart Hillary. She will not break. Women have been able to handle belittling and harassment and verbal attacks much longer and with much more grace than a rich, white, privileged man.

3 thoughts on “Wake up! Save Our Grace

  1. The fact that this is a historical election not only because of one candidate being a woman and the other a man who held no public office (although that is truly democratic) NO this is a historic election because both of our candidates stink. One is the political machine we are all sick of (Clintons most powerful political family in US) and the other is a crude , inexperienced, bigoted, opinionated, billionaire How could he be a presidential candidate? As often said on this blog, Hillary was a give in, but Trump? The Donald? The “Your Fired!” from the Apprentice? I wonder if he is just as shocked as many of us that he is the Republican candidate. But the fault does not lie with Hillary or Donald. They are going with the flow, they were nominated to run for president by us-The people!
    So that is where the problem lies, what has become of the citizen of the United States in our minds, hearts, patriotism of our country that we allowed, heck we insisted, nominate, voted for, these two jack- asses? It is US we need to look at -not them! We have left ourselves to search our own conscience to decide which candidate is “the lesser of the two evils” What a shame that the people of the United States, the greatest country in the world, even with all our problems you’ll find no country values life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, like we have-and hopefully we will continue to carry that torch- How we as a people put this out as our candidates. Our we confused? Very possibly Are we angry? Sure. Were we too lazy to pay attention, or care? Absolutely. But darn it, this country deserved better from us. We should be ashamed of the circus going on with this Presidential debate. Not the two people we asked to run They are just being who they are. Maybe Trump isn’t unstable-we are, maybe Hillary isn’t a liar-we are.


    1. I think the only ones who are not ashamed are the ones who are not paying attention. While I didn’t vote for either of the candidates running now, I have to support the one who is best fit to continue our country being one that values the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness for all our citizens. But I do disagree with one point you made: Donald trump is definitely unstable and having him in the debates and his speeches on tv is beyond embarrassing. While Hillary may be hated by many, she’s able to carry herself in a respectable manner at the very least. And, unfortunately, in this election all we’re asking for is the very least.


      1. Yes, agreed, like a said, the lesser of the two evils. I just wish it didn’t come down to that, I’m saddened and worried by the state of our country.

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