Women Who Own It

Ladies, I don’t know if it’s the crisp fall air or the fact that I’ve been so inspired by all the women around me, but I am finally ready to shed all the weight that has been holding me back and just move forward in this life a little lighter, a little more free and a tad bit better. And while the physical weight would be awesome for me, let’s be honest, the weight I’m talking about is all the negativity that runs across my mind. The “what ifs” and the “no’s” and the “you have no idea what you’re doing just stop now while you’re kinda ahead” noise. All that noise. I’m done with it. Its heavy and its giving me a tight neck and back aches.
There’s nothing I love more than women who are just owning their life. No matter what it is that they’re doing, they’re owning it. And I love that there’s at least a handful of women from my hometown that have gotten their shit together enough to at least appear like they have their shit together. There are business owners, photographers, lifestyle coaches, motivational speakers, published authors, fitness instructors, PHD scholars. Teachers and advocates and mothers and saleswomen. They are bad ass women. I love them. I love them all. I follow all of them on whatever social media platform I’ve got going on at the moment (right now it’s just instagram and facebook). They are women who may have fucked up along the way but they picked themselves back up and got on track. They went back to school. They found their passion. They did whatever they needed to do to engage with their own happiness. And that’s amazing. I can’t say enough how encouraging it is to see these people just doing their thing everyday.
And at the risk of losing some due to political views, can we just (for a brief moment) look at Hillary Clinton? Can we forget the election for one moment and just bring her down to our level? She was once just a girl with a dream. She worked her ass off. She shrugged off all the naysayers and the doubters and the men that tried to hide her in the shadow and she said fuck it. She probably said “Fuck this” more than any of us. Of course she’s made mistakes. She’s owned them. She’s endured them. And she continues to work. And she will keep fighting to get to where she wants to be; and she will keep fighting to let others know they, too, can get to where they want to be. Mistakes will happen to all of us but we need to address them and move on a little bit lighter, a little more free, and a little bit better. That women is about to break through the toughest glass ceiling that this country has set and we need to respect that. She never quit. And whether she officially becomes Madam President or not, we need to be thankful for what she has done. The amount of little girls who will grow up inspired by her is endless. Like her or not, she is a bad ass.
And the first thing all those women I mentioned from my hometown had to do (just like Hillary Clinton) to get started was say, “Fuck it.” Then they had to repeat that a few more times, get a plan together no matter how detailed, make sure their big girls panties were on nice and tight, then get to work. They had to work. If you want a life for you, by you, you have to get out of the brainstorming phase and into the knocking down your barriers stage. I’ve been brainstorming for awhile and I finally picked up that axe and have been hitting all those damn trees in my way. And while I feel so at peace under those trees, I cannot just keep daydreaming. I need to get my ass out of the shade.
So get up, own yourself, hustle whatever needs hustled, work it. And just keep working it. You’re a bad ass.
What a beautiful time to be alive.

8 thoughts on “Women Who Own It

  1. Our sex only holds us back if you believe there is a difference between the abilities intellectually of men and woman. Or the ability to do a job well. In all my 52 years I was too oblivious to realize that people actually would think this way. I thought of course we are the same intellectually, or course we can perform the same jobs just as well, or better, or not as good, depending ON THE PERSON. So being female never held me back. I never knew it was suppose to. I did know I had to speak louder and be quicker and smarter, have plans ready, when going against the “good ole boys club” But I felt they were the minority Just a few ignorant men. Not the majority. I still choose to believe that. Of course I never worked in an area where there was a large discrepancy in pay for the same job. I was a school teacher and we were paid according to our education and years experience, male and female the same. Maybe everyone really does learn all they need to know in Kindergarten.


    1. True. It is all about how you view yourself and some women needs that extra push more than others. Often many women feel the need to put others before themselves in all aspects of life–that’s neither good or bad–but if there’s been something you’ve been wanting to do, now is the time to get started. It’s interesting that you mention not noticing much sexism in your line of work as a school teacher because Donald Trump, Jr. recently stated that if woman cannot handle sexual harassment in the workforce they should go teach kindergarten.


      1. In a way I agree with The Donald. We will always have men (probable small penises) that will view woman as inferior, or sex objects. You must own who you are with respect for yourself and stand up for yourself. Yes in Kindergarten we learn (or teach,many of us never learn) that to stand up to a bully is to stop a bully. I always felt being quicker with the comment and remaining strong and unshaken, and of course always in control of the situation, nips sexual harassment in the bud without any unnecessary law suits. But as i said, if the situation gets out of your control and you feel physically threatened, then by all means throw the book at the creeps-use all forms of law to either end their career or put them in jail.

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    1. What do you mean by carry you? It’s unrealistic , unfortunately, that a woman who is I. The work force will not come across some form of sexual harassment at some point in her working career. Heck forget the workforce- find me a woman who has taken her car into be repaired that has not experienced sexual harassment!


      1. The “carrying you” part I’m taking about is men in high powered positions who use sexual harassment as intimidation and coercion. If you’re a man and you can’t bite your tongue or keep your hands to yourself, maybe you shouldn’t be in the workforce since that is actually illegal. And yes, women experience sexual harassment everywhere, not just at work, and that’s the problem. And the fact that so many excuse it as “boys will be boys” is another problem. It’s not a lot to ask to be treated with respect. Maybe the silver lining of this Jerry Springer type election season is that people will see that sexual harassment and sexual assault (especially) are damaging. They’re not just words. It’s a sense of entitlement that you can talk to someone however you want because you make more money then them or you provide a service they need (like a mechanic). No one is entitled to mistreat others just because they can, but everyone is entitled to being shown some respect and not talked down to because of their basic anatomy.


  2. Obama was a powerful model for all of America especially black America. And I think with the enormous expectations put on him he was exceptional, classic. His family impeccable- the only scandal was when Michelle cut her bangs or wore shorts. Wish we were bringing a woman in who could be an equal example of decency and competence. We got Hillary and maybe the only way we could get a woman up there was to have one that was roughed up, dirty with skinned knees. She’s a tough cookie but yet another example of how much harder a woman needs to fight for the same considerations given to a man At any rate a woman president will do much in bringing about equality.


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