My mind thrown into the blogosphere.

I think about everything. I analyze everything. Everything I read, hear, see. The smallest exchange can keep me up at night. I love it. I love researching and learning. I love laughing. If you make me laugh until I pee my pants, you have my heart. My husband can do that. It happened.

I’m a feminist. It’s not a dirty word. Men and women should have equal rights. Every man. Every woman. Equal pay. Equal reach. Equal choice. I’m simple. Marriage equality. Love wins.

I’m a mother. I’m an advocate for positive change. I believe the underdogs should have their voices heard. I vote 99.9% of the time on the left. We agree the most. But I can be complicated.

I can edit and rewrite the same piece of writing over and over again and never be satisfied. I’ve created this¬†blog as a place to express everything that’s jumbled up inside of me. All of my posts will be in their first draft. There will be mistakes and shifts in narrative and questions to be answered. In the background I’ll be editing and rewriting and working on all of those. You get to witness my first attempts, something I generally hide. I intend to get between the lines, pull out that gray area, focus in on what’s being blurred. I won’t always get it right.